Dream Work

"Working with dreams" means remembering and exploring the dreams from sleep with an eye to their deeper meanings. Each one of us is uniquely blind to the deeper meanings of our own dreams, and dream work helps us see what amazing gifts are there, just below the surface of "manifest content" and obvious appearance.

It is my assumption that all dreams come in the service of health and wholeness and that only the dreamer knows for certain what his/her dream means.

I have been deciphering dreams for 40 years. There are classic or archetypal dreams which come up time and again. Under the category Common Dream Themes to the right, are links to some of the most frequently occurring dreams and my viewpoint on them.

What follows is only a reflection of patterns of recognition that other dreamers have had in exploring similar dreams. Remember, your own "aha!" of recognition is the only reliable indication that these common, archetypal meanings actually apply to your dream.

I subscribe fully to the statement of professional ethics adopted by the ASSOCIATION FOR THE STUDY OF DREAMS (ASD), and urge everyone to use it as a basic guideline for work with their own and other people's dreams.

On the right side of this page you will find links to dream work articles I have written, subdivided into categories I hope you find helpful.
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