I Kill Someone, Witness A Killing or Kill Myself

The central image here is the "death" of those dream characters. No matter how distressing these images are during the dream, they are almost certainly symbolic pictures of ways in which I am growing and changing, ways in which my life energies are being redirected from old attitudes, perceptions, and self-images. In my experience, it doesn't make a great deal of difference who dies in the dream--if someone or something dies, it signifies that growth and change are taking place. If the dreamer dies, the changes in waking life are likely to be noticeable and radical, and will probably manifest themselves in personality and opinion changes. If it's someone else who dies in the dream, this suggests that the changes are taking place a little further away from the sense of core self --but changes are happening nonetheless.

Suicide in dreams takes on a particularly ironic and positive quality in this sense; it means that the psycho-spiritual growth and development is taking place as a result of conscious choice and decision. For a person in recovery from addictive behavior, for example, to dream of "suicide" is a particularly positive image, because it usually means that this time, the decision to quit is actually going to stick, and the old, addictive personality really is dying.

© Jeremy Taylor, 1996
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