I Am Looking For A Place To Urinate

The need to urinate in a dream often means just that -- the dreamer has to wake up and go to the bathroom! However, even when this is the case, the need to urinate is always a symbolic event in the dream world as well, even when it indicates a state of pressure in the physical body.

The most frequent meaning associated with this dream is the dreamer's need to express problematic feelings and thoughts in waking life. In order to stay healthy, we all know we have to relieve our bladders regularly. We can decide when and where, but we have no choice about whether or not to do it, and the longer it's postponed, the more desperate the need becomes. The same is true of the need to give expression to our deepest thoughts and feelings. We have a wide range of choice about when, where, and in whose company we choose to do it, but if we are to remain healthy and whole, we have no more choice about self-expression than we do about urinating. We must do it--and the longer we postpone expressing our deepest emotions, the more likely it is we will have the archetypal "I need to pee and there's no comfortable place to do it!" dream.

Whenever such a dream occurs, I find it valuable to go off into a corner and write down all the secret, taboo thoughts and feelings I have (even if I burn the list the moment I complete it). The "desperate need to urinate" dream is a reliable indicator that I need to express myself more fully and honestly, if only to myself. If there is another trusted person in my life with whom I can be completely candid, so much the better, but even if there isn't, I need to be honest with myself.

© Jeremy Taylor, 1996
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