I Am Fleeing For My Life!

The basic metaphor in chase dreams is usually the "death" that I am so desperately trying to avoid. "Death" in the dream world is the single most frequent archetypal image of growth and development that the unconscious has to offer. (Dreams do depict psycho-spiritual growth and change in other ways, but death is by far the most common and universal.) Therefore, if I dream that I am being pursued by dream characters who are out to get me, it is usually a symbolic representation of fleeing from insistent interior promptings, telling me that it is time to grow and change and let go of some cherished notion about who I am. To grow and change, life energies have to be withdrawn from the outmoded parts of my self-image, no matter how good or useful they may have been at one time. This withdrawal of life energy looks symbolically like death.

© Jeremy Taylor, 1996
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