Forgetting To Care For The Baby

This classic dream usually comes to people who lead productive, responsible lives. It is all the more upsetting or distressing for precisely that reason. In most instances the neglected baby is the Jungian archetype of the divine child. The infant represents aspects of the dreamer's self that are neglected or ill-defined. It might seem funny to write in our waking-life appointment book "reserve time for self-exploration," but, in order to be healthy and whole, that is exactly what we have to do. (Even if it looks like the height of laziness or irresponsibility from the point of view of the waking ego, which is driven to make the most of every precious moment.) This dream informs you that ignoring one's deepest spiritual needs and desires is the truly irresponsible activity--as irresponsible as agreeing to look after a baby, and then forgetting about it.

© Jeremy Taylor, 1996
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