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Dream Work (Book)
1983 - Paulist Press

All people dream regularly, regardless of their circumstances, whether they remember their dreams upon awakening or not. From the beginning of human history, dreams have been a source of creative inspiration and spiritual renewal, emotional and psychological insight, and scientific and cultural innovation.

Beginning with simple practical suggestions for improving dream recall and recording dreams, and continuing with a complete discussion individual, group and community techniques for discovering more of the multiple levels of meaning found in every dream, Dream Work offers an invaluable tool for the exploration of the inner life.

Still in print after more than 30 years - more than 50,000 copies sold!

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Where People Fly And Water Runs Uphill (Book)
1992 - Warner Books (out of print - see Wisdom of Your Dreams)


-San Francisco Chronicle

In this extraordinary book by Jeremy Taylor, the man called "the most experienced and insightful explorer of the dream world active today," we learn how to use the hidden messages of dreams to gain new insights into ourselves and to transform our lives. In Taylor's book we witness the drama of actual case histories, but more than sharing the dreams of others, this remarkable guide shows us how to reap the rich harvest of our own night visitations with specific, hands-on techniques to help us remember and interpret our dreams, establish a dream group, and learn the universal symbolism of dreaming.

"From dealing with recurrent nightmares to discovering how dreams may connect us to the Divine, WHERE PEOPLE FLY AND WATER RUNS UPHILL is a life-changing and potentially world-changing work ... an unfoforrgettable journey into the knowable unknown."

-Kelley Bulkley, Ph.D, former president of the Association for the Study of Dreams


-Richard Woods, O.P., Ph.D., Associate Professor of Pastoral Studies, Loyola University

A Selection of the Psychotherapy Book Club

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The Living Labyrinth (Book)
1998 - Paulist Press

"Jeremy Taylor has done it again! In The Living Labyrinth he continues his exploration of the mythic world, this time focusing on symbolism in waking life as well as in dreams. In so doing, Taylor identifies the universal themes that, at deep levels of the psyche, unite all humankind. This book is a beacon of home in a fragmented world filled with war and conflict. It deserves to be widely read, and its message needs to be pondered and applied."

-Stanley Krippner, Ph.D., author of The Mythic Path

"Jeremy Taylor is one of our greatest guides into the fascinating world of myths and dreams. This new book showcases the incredible breadth of Taylor's experience, the brilliance of his mind, and the warm sensitivity of his heart."

-Kelly Bulkeley, Ph.D., former president, The Association for the Study of Dreams, author of An Introduction to the Psychology of Dreaming

"Writing in his usual elegant and engaging style, Jeremy weaves a fascinating thread between dream symbolism, mythology and the power of archetypal energy....Roving the mythological gamut from the Great Mother to the Divine Child to vampires and aliens, Jeremy illustrates how folktales, symbols and metaphors are not just stories and images, but living patterns of consciousness...."

-The Dream Tree News

"As a blue-collar dreamer, I got a lot out of the book. My understanding of dreams and psychology is pretty good, but since it is built on a lifetime of hands on experience rather than a post doctorate, there are big gaps in my education, and I found Living Labyrinth a gold mine of information and material that immeasurably fleshed out my sometimes incomplete grasp of the archetypes."

-Rich Veitch, Roaring Rick Press

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The Wisdom of Your Dreams:
Using Dreams to Tap Into Your Unconscious and Transform Your Life (Book)
2009 - Penguin/Tarcher

This is an updated and expanded edition of Where People Fly and Water Runs Uphill

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What Was That All About?
A Comic Book About Dreams and What They Mean, With Special Emphasis on Projection. (Book)

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Mastering the Art of Projective Dream Work: A Comic Book for Dreamers and Dream Workers (Book)

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World Tales & Mythic Narratives for Dreamers & Dream Workers (Book)

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Trickster's Many Roles in Myth, Dream and the Evolution of Consciousness (Book)

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CLF On-Line Dream Work Leadership Training Manual

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Dream Images
(photos by Diane Farris; dream reflections by Jeremy Taylor)

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Basic Dream Work Tool Kit (DVD)
2010 - 28 min ($10.00)

Six Basic Hints for Group Projective Dream Work. Useful for those who have been to Jeremy's workshops and want a reminder about the six basic hints he describes at the beginning of each workshop, or for groups who have new members.

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Dreams: Dramas of the Night (DVD)
1996 - ($13.00)

Jeremy discusses dreams collected by the Rev. Ed Brock. The Rev. Brock has been studying and working with dreams for many years and has a particular interest in dreams and spirituality and in dream group process. He is the minister of the Unitarian- Universalist Church of Jacksonville, FL, president of the Interfaith Council of Jacksonville and a graduate of Vanderbilt University Divinity School. The Rev. Brock's introductory and concluding remarks place Jeremy's insights in the context of Jungian psychology and community/group exploration of dreams.

Produced by California Video, an independent video production company founded by John Van Daam, pioneering community dream worker and co-founder of the international Association for the Study of Dreams. California Video is devoted to bringing innovative planet healing ideas and images directly to a wider audience.

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